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Whats a re-flash? A lot of owners are unaware that their vehicle will require a re flash when they've lost all their keys. A re-flash is when a tech goes into the vehicle, removes the ECU and "re-flashes" it back to its original factory settings.

This happens on a few older model vehicles. Mainly Toyota and Lexus. It is the only way to program new keys. Unlike newer model cars where the tech is able to connect the obd port. These vehicles are more labor intensive,and require more time to complete.

Vehicles that require a reflash


4runner 1998-2004

Avalon 1998-2003

Camry 1998-2004

Highlander 2001-2003

Landcruiser 1998-2004

MR2 2001-2004

Prius 2001-2004

Rav4 2002-2003

Sequoia 2001+

Sienna 1998-2004

Solara 1998-2004


Es300 1998-2003

Es330 2004

Gs300 1998-2004

Gs400 1998-2000

Gs430 2001-2003

Gx470 2003-2004

Is300 2001-2003

Ls400 1997

Ls430 2001-2004

Lx470 1998-2004

Rx300 1999-2002

Rx330 2003

Sc300 1998-2000

Sc400 1998-2000

Sc430 2002-2003


Rl 1996-2004

Nsx 1997-2005


Prelude 1997-2002

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